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Monochromatic Design

Monochromatic Design

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Advantages of Monochromatic Design Monochromatic design is a simple solution because it is simply easier to implement. The most obvious advantage to monochromatic design is that your colours cannot clash as you are only using one. Celebrating minimalist design. In a world where colour is blatantly used to grab your…

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oban less is more for your website

Less is more on your website

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Finding the Focus of your Website What is the necessity on your page? Most likely there will be one fundamental aspect of each page you have which you cannot go without. Perhaps it’s a Call to Action, a subscription to your newsletter, a download to your latest eBook. What ever…

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Navigation Bar

Should you use a fixed navigation bar?

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In 2014 the fixed navigation bar or sticky menu’s are quickly becoming a typical trend in web design. The concept behind the fixed navigation bar is that it improves the user experience, providing easy access to the prominent pages throughout your browsing. While there is no questioning the functionality of…

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TCmarketing Design Icon

Font layouts can make the reader feel good

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Research by psychologist Kevin Larson into¬†how font and design layout affect our emotions produced some interesting results. “1. Readers felt bad when reading a poorly designed piece of literature that was often expressed with a frown – not what you want your clients to do! 2.¬†Readers felt better when reading…

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