Exhibitions That Generate Leads

“There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one to aim for”  – Milton Glaser

Exhibition stands that show off your business!

You’ve booked your exhibition space and you now have to consider how to get the best out of your investment. At Tyler Consultants, as a Brighton based flyers and leaflet design agency, we are frequently asked to come up with innovative ideas to grab the attention of show visitors.

Immediate recognition

Realistically you only have a few seconds to attract a potential buyer onto your stand before they pass on to one of your competitors. It’s essential that they stop, look and listen and we can design the eye-catching graphics to make that happen!

Distinct Identity

Visitors must be able to clearly see who you are and what benefit your product or service could be to them, and it’s crucial that your stand design delivers a strong brand message.

Lasting impression

When we design booklets, flyers and leaflets for our clients to hand out at trade shows we create literature that is relevant, memorable and is something your visitors will want to keep hold of for future reference. The last thing you want to find is that your promotional material is discarded on the exhibition floor, or later dumped in an office bin.

Accessible Branding

We will take the time to fully understand what you want to achieve during and after the exhibition. We can create striking designs for display stands, roller banners and show panels, providing artwork ready for printing. Your brand message should flow seamlessly through all of your exhibition marketing material, including posters, signage and any give-away items.

Only the beginning

We can help with all of this and more. Marketing your brand doesn’t end at the close of the exhibition and we can continue to create memorable design for direct mail campaigns, building on the brand exposure.


Call: 01273 328877 Free Audit Show us your existing stand graphics and we’ll give you advice on how to improve it. 


  1. Ensure a strong and prominent logo
  2. Keep copy to a minimum
  3. Use a few striking graphics
  4. Only communicate one key message
  5. Let literature provide the detail


With the design of exhibition stands we strongly believe that less is more.Your stand has a few seconds to get your message across. Billboards need to get the attention of passing motorists and similarly exhibition stands do the same but with with slower moving traffic. Don’t bombard people with lots of copy, they will remember less than 5% of what you say.

Recruitment Banner

Recycling Pop-up Exhibition Stand

Recycling Pop-up Stand

Telecoms Pop Up Stand

Project Exhibition

Telecom Pop Up Stand

Recycling Banner

Exhibition Stand

Green Energy Stand

Recycling Stand

Recycling Exhibition