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After Google’s recent ‘Penguin’ Algorithm updates some so called SEO experts started to believe that back-links, links to your website from other web properties, were no longer valued by Google.  Many people actually believe links can do more harm than good but in reality that is simply not the case.  Backlinks are still the single most important factor in Google, and the other major search engines ranking algorithm and this is likely to be the case for some considerable time yet.  If you want your Brighton business website to rank highly in the search engine results in order to attract more visitors to your website then good quality, relevant backlinks are still a must.

Make absolutely no mistake – Google says back links are very important.

Earlier this year Google’s Head of Webspam, Matt Cutts confirmed that links are very important if you want to get high rankings:

Partial transcript:

“Back links are really, really big win in terms of quality for search results…..  back link relevance still really helps in making sure we return the best, most relevant , most topical set of search results”

As recently as last month this was again confirmed in a second Matt Cutt’s video:

Partial transcript:

Back links still have many, many years left in them….. for the next few years [Google] will continue to use links in order to assess the basic reputation of pages and websites”

Link Building still has to be done

If you do not do your link building in the right way your site can be penalised by Google for ‘spammy’ (low quality, irrelevant) links.  Without links your site is unlikely to feature highly in the search engine results.  Good quality, high relevant, high quality links are needed for the online success of your Brighton Business.  Link Building is a serious business, just like your own business is a serious business.

Under no circumstances should you use cheap automated link building services.  If something appears in your inbox offering link building services at unbelievably low rates do not be tempted – it will not work and can do your current rankings harm.  Cheap link building initiatives always backfire – remember what you need is link building not link spamming.  Link spamming will lead to penalties that can affect your online business for many months.  Link building however will help you achieve the desired first page position for your website.

Remember too that your web page content, no matter how good is no longer enough in itself to achieve high rankings for your site.  If your site does not feature highly in the search results nobody will see you content, no matter how good it is!

How Can You Build Good Links?

A good back link is a link from a relevant web property that delivers targeted traffic to your website.  “Real’  links are those that people actually click on to visit your website.  These will automatically increase your search engine visibility.  Building good quality links takes time and effort.  It also takes the knowledge and expertise of a professional SEO consultant to be able to identify the right web properties to seek links from.  In today’s market good quality link building services from qualified SEO Professionals will cost anything from £500 +VAT per month and up depending upon how competitive your sector is online.  For a complementary SEO audit call us today on 01273 328877




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