2015 is on it’s way and with so much technology out there it is difficult to try and find the apps/websites that can really help you become more efficient.

Personally I can really struggle to keep focused on what to prioritise between the vast array of projects which I am juggling. Let alone stick to new year’s resolutions!

So for me, it’s really important that I integrate a lot of online tools into my work ethic.

Unfortunately finding useful tools can be difficult and takes a lot of time, kind of defying the point in saving yourself time… Lucky for you – we’ve done all the work!

Here are our Top 10 Recommended Productivity Tools:

1. Evernote

Evernote is a fantastic organisation tool which allows you to put all of your thoughts and tasks in one place, automatically syncing across your devices. Plus, by upgrading to the premium business model you can collaborate with all of your coworkers – ideal for managing teams from a distance.

Why we Love it: Evernote can be your “everything” inbox. The fact that you can load all of your materials, ideas, tasks and more or less any digital content into one place combined with cross-platform support makes Evernote the ultimate digital filing cabinet. Let’s be honest you couldn’t have a recommended productivity tools list without including ‘The container to store all other container’s’ Evernote.

Evernote UI

2. Pocket

Pocket is a really useful application for anyone who has an interest in consuming any form of content. Once installed via your browser, PC or mobile you can simply “pocket” pages to read or watch later from your phone or computer even without an internet connection! This can save you a lot of time since you can read your blogs while on the move.

Why we Love it: Pocket is THE place to consume all of your content. The fact that you can save news, videos, music all from your computer and immediately have offline access to it on your mobile is literally a godsend.

Pocket, place videos, articles etc. in one place

3. PushBullet

Ever had to email yourself a link? PushBullet is the no hassle method to sharing links and files between your devices or your friends. Not to mention the ability to share phone notifications on your desktop means you’ll never miss a call or text again. However, the real beauty of PushBullet is it’s integration with IFTTT, which funnily enough is up next on our list!

Why we Love it: Once you start sending and receiving SMS through your computer (via your mobile) you really begin to appreciate the time saved by pairing your devices. Not to mention the original benefit, there really is a lot of unnecessary bother sharing things between your devices.



In a world where time is money, being rid of the small tasks can equate to huge cash savings. So it’s with somewhat surprise that this app is still relatively underused. IFTTT or If This Then That will automate your life.

Create a automatic message when somebody follows you on Twitter, or automatically add videos you marked as Watch Later from YouTube to your Pocket and hundreds of other IFTTT recipes.

Why we Love it: Time defying stunts like automatically adding contacts to a Google Drive spreadsheet. Or Setting a reminder a year from now via email when you tag #remember. The possibilities really are endless with hundreds of apps integrated.


5. RainDrop

Raindrop is a bookmark extension for your browser and mobile. Much like Pocket it allows you to read your content in an optimised experience all in one place. However where they differ is that with Raindrop you can subscribe to RSS feeds and other Raindrop users, not to mention the gorgeous design.

Why we Love it: Weekly email digest reminding you what you have bookmarked means that you will actually remember to read what you have been bookmarking! Also being able to share entire collections of bookmarks is really handy.


6. Trello

Below is a Trello board. it’s a group of lists which you can compile alone or with a team all completely free. Inspired by Pinterest and other organisational tools Trello takes a much more visual approach to note-keeping. If your working as part of a creative or design agency this could be just the tool you need to maximise your efforts, without the need for lots of physical space.

Why we Love it: Boards make it easy to track what is being worked on, why by and when it’s due. Trello is a very intuitive tool we can even let clients in boards without investing a lot of time explaining the system!

Trello Board, a recommended producitivity tool which acts as a pinterest board but aimed at teams.

7. LastPass

Everyone at some point has forgotten their password, or has gone to great lengths to come up with a highly secure password.

No longer.

LastPass keeps all of your passwords in one place so that you only need to remember one password. All data is encrypted locally to your device so it’s only accessible to you.

Why we Love it: LastPass is particularly useful for us as web designers since we manage a large amount of personal data for a vast amount of clients.

LastPass mobile app login screen

8. CloudMagic

CloudMagic is an award winning email app. So what’s so special about it?

  • Well, it gives access to all of your email accounts in one place
  • Synced through the cloud which means that the app is lightweight and easy on your battery/data
  • Push notifications for all of your emails on every device
  • Highly customisable, snazzy design
  • Powerful management tools such as quick actions via swipe.
  • Integrates with your other apps like Pocket, Evernote & Trello.

Why we Love it: Fully featured email inbox with a real twist on default options all in a sleek, yet dazzling design.

CloudMagic Email box - one of our recommended productivity tools, it's incredibly minimal but is loaded with features.

9. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool which allows you to schedule tweets and shares throughout your day. The app has had a lot of success since launch and has since integrated with many other fantastic tools like followerwonk.

Why we Love it: IFTTT in combination with Buffer makes us feel like the boss of social! Plus all of the goodies which are continuously added truly time saving.

10. Google Keep

Another note-keeping tool, Google Keep has it’s own twist on the solution. Keep it simple. If your looking for vast documentation I’d suggest Evernote with it’s tag settings and categories etc.

But, if you just want a “sticky note” on your phone which you can just apply quickly then Keep is for you. Evernote in comparison is more like a filing cabinet personally I use both depending on the task, though I imagine some of you will stick to one or the other.

Why we Love it: Actually I’m the only one at Tyler Consultants to use Keep (but it’s still too good to not recommend), I love Keep for just the simple reminders which keep me on track with the everyday things.

That’s it!

All 10 of our Recommended Productivity Tools. I hope you’ve found them as useful as I do!

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