Finding something specific on Facebook can be a nightmare. For example, if I was to type in Taylor Swift into the search bar, I’ll be confronted with hundreds, if not thousands of Taylor Swifts in the UK alone. Fortunately, I was able to find the pop star’s page easily, thanks to the help of a little blue badge. 

When searching for a business on Facebook, a verified badge is often the easiest and most reliable way to check that the page you’re viewing is authentic. As a public facing business, it’s essential that you use a verified badge so that prospective customers can easily find you page and stay up to date with the information you’re putting out. Without a verified badge, it can be difficult to trust whether a page is legitimate. 

However, the process for securing a verified badge is different for a business page than it is for a personal profile. Here, we’ll take you through the steps to verify your Facebook page and explain why it’s important for your brand.

How To Verify Your Facebook Page

To get your page verified, you’ll need to fill out this form to request a blue verification badge. As you’ll be verifying a business page, you’ll want to click ‘Page’ rather than ‘Profile’.

You’ll then need to click the ‘Select Page To Verify’ drop down option and find your business page in the list. You’ll need to be an admin of the page to submit this form. 

Since this is a business page, you’ll need to attach some form of documentation such as a utility bill to prove it’s a legitimate business. 

Then, fill in the box explaining why the account should receive a blue badge and add in any other social media account URLs, as well as any additional comments you think would be helpful to the process. 

Once you’re ready, click send and you’ll be redirected to the following page, where you’ll be able to track the status of your request. 

Why Is It Important To Verify Your Facebook Business Page?

A verified badge tells your customers that they can trust your page as the true, authentic presence of your brand. Additionally, it’s often critical for differentiating your brand from other, similar terms that might make it tricky for users to find your page on Facebook. 

There are a few other major benefits to having a verified page, aside from increased visibility. 

For one, Facebook’s algorithm automatically places verified pages at the top of search results when somebody is searching for your business. This is especially important if your brand has additional groups on Facebook.  

Since the verified badge will help surface your brand to the top of search results, you’ll ideally increase followers and leads as a result from being verified. A major benefit. 

Additionally a verified badge earns you early access to new Facebook features that arent yet available for all users. This can help you level-up on competitors who may not have the same access.

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