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When building your dream website, it is vital that you choose a theme with high ratings and high amount of downloads. This is a surefire way for you to ensure that you secure a theme which gets regular updates and maintenance. If you don’t get yourself a theme like this, you risk your theme not being kept up to date or even worse; risk getting abandoned by the company that built it altogether. 

This is why we have chosen to compile for you; a list with 10 of the most sold WordPress themes. With this list you can choose a theme to both guarantee your website looking pristine and your website being up to date with all WordPress features. 

10 XStore

Coming in at no. 10, we have XStore with 253 sales in 2021 and an overall rating of 5 stars from 1.2k reviewers. If you want to build your site quickly and professionally, XStore is your theme. It is great for any type of store and takes all the latest digital trends and design into consideration and thus will make your store look modern, professional and appealing to your customer to secure you more sales. 

9 Porto

At no. 9 with 272 sales in 2021 and 5 star rating by 3k people, is Porto. This theme is great. The layouts look amazing and it is quick and easy to set up and get your website going. Porto is great for building shops and offers an amazing header builder. Overall amazing value for money.

8 Salient

No. 8 goes to Salient. Salient managed 283 sales in 2021 and got a review of 5 stars from 6.1k users. This versatile theme can be used in many types of websites including eCommerce or online portfolios or pretty much anything you might need. It’s demos make it one of the easier themes to work with while also being customizable to your website needs.

7 TheGem

TheGem takes no. 7 with a 5 star rating from 1.8k reviews and 307 sales this year. If you’re looking for a simple theme which can be used to build a variety of websites including agency sites, eCommerce or creative portfolios; TheGem is the theme for you. TheGem takes you into consideration, it is made for owners who aren’t coders or developers but still want a sleek and modern looking website with many features.

6 WoodMart

Next up we have no. 6 which is taken by WoodMart. WoodMart made 378 sales this year and once again a 5 star review from 1.6k people. It has a wide range of customization options and is great for any eCommerce projects which require functionality while looking professional. It offers you clean code and has a great number of helpful features to go along with it. 

5 Bridge

We are in the top 5 now. How exciting! Breaking into the top 5 we have Bridge. 532 sales made in 2021 with a 5 star rating done by 6.1k users. Bridge can be used to create professional and personal websites with the only limiting factor being your own imagination It is also ideal for a variety of industries including blogging, design, photography and many more.

4 The7

The top 4 starts with The7. This theme managed a total of 532 sales this year and 8.2k people thought it was worth 5 stars. The7 has a variety of features that you can utilize to get your website looking sleek and professional including 48+ sample designs you can use and customize on your own as much as you want. 

3 Flatsome

The bronze medal goes to Flatsome with 610 downloads. The theme also, unsurprisingly, was rated 5 stars by 6.6k customers. Flatsome comes with a plethora of pre-made demos which are basically fully functioning websites that will provide you with everything you need from a homepage to checkout and thus can get your business going asap while looking great.

2 Betheme

Betheme takes the silver this year. 1.2k sales and 6.2k 5 star ratings are just amazing stats and worthy of the no. 2 spot on our list. Probably the biggest advantage of using Betheme is that it has more than 500 ready-made websites in multiple styles. This makes Betheme extremely easy to use and its versatility makes it a fit for almost any industry. When it comes to updates, Betheme gets one almost every week with more new pre-built websites.

1 Avada

And now the moment we have all been waiting for. The gold medal; first place going to Avada. Avada managed a whopping total of 2.2k sales (double the number of our second place) and was rated 5 stars by wait for it….24.5k people! Avada is also the most sold theme of all time. Designed in a way to get you online as fast as possible, their demo installer is there to make sure that setting up pre-made content is as easy as it can be. 1000s of options to customize our site to your liking with it’s super easy drag & drop builder that works with everything on WordPress, what more do you need?

Choosing the correct theme is vital for the success of your website. It is therefore important to choose the right one and this list has 10 of the best WordPress has to offer. If you would like to know more about WordPress website design or would like your website made for you, do not hesitate to get in contact now.

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