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When sending out an email campaign, choosing the right time to do so is a vital factor. It can be the difference maker between a decent and great open rate on your emails. We have therefore decided to help you out and give you the best days and times to send your campaign and what days to avoid in order to have the best opening rate possible. 

Times to send


According to various statistics, the best days to send out an email campaign are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Such is the case for a variety of reasons. First of all, since it’s no longer Monday, everyone has already said their goodbyes to the weekend and are in much more of a working mood. Their mail is also much, much emptier as all the stacked up emails would have been taken care of on Monday so people will have a lot more time to thoroughly go through every email; including your one.


Times can be pretty flexible. As long as you’re not sending out your email campaign too late, the time at which you send it shouldn’t make too much of a difference. Do however be wary of time zones when sending your email campaign to other regions.

8 – 10am are good early times to be sending your email campaign. It is the start of the day and your audience will have the entire day to go through it. It is also likely that office workers check their emails first thing in the morning and therefore there is a great chance they will encounter your email.

1pm is also a pretty good time to send out your email campaign. Everyone is usually having lunch around this time will therefore most likely go through your email.

The last set of time there is to talk about is the 4-6pm zone. Even though it is pretty late in the day, it is a good time to be sending your emails. People will usually be on their way home from work during this time and what do people do when they travel? That’s right, they’re on their phone. So therefore they will see your email and with nothing better to do will go through it. 

Times to avoid


When it comes to what days avoid. There are four in particular; the ones we left out in the first part. They are Mondays, Fridays and the weekend.

We all hate Mondays. The weekend just finished and the week restarts. Therefore, not everyone is in the mood to be looking at your promotional emails. Furthermore, Monday is the time when everyone’s mail is the fullest as all the emails they received from the end of Friday up until Monday morning are stacked up. So who’s going to want to pay attention to some newsletter or promotion when they have tons of important work emails to get through.

Fridays are another case however, we all love Fridays, it’s the last day of the working week and we just can’t wait to get to the weekend so all the energy is rather low. This is why people don’t want to do anything unnecessary, so when they see your email, they will just skip right through it. 

Weekends should be pretty obvious. No one wants to be checking their emails during the weekend. Weekends are the time to spend relaxing, being with loved ones, going out or just chilling at home. No one wants to be receiving emails during this time, and even if they do receive one, the chances of them actually opening it are very slim. 


Generally times aren’t as vital as the days. There are however certains times you definitely want to avoid. Night time is one of them. How are your emails going to get opened if the recipients are asleep? You also don’t want to send them out too late during the day, when everyone is either on their way home, or is already relaxing at home. Watch out with anything after 6pm as people are either travelling home or have already arrived and don’t want to be distracted from their relaxation by your newsletter/promotion.

The days and times are an important factor when it comes to successful email campaigns and therefore we hope you have gained a better knowledge of them after reading this article. It is however important that you research the best times specific to your audience rather than just picking any day and time because is has the best general stats. If you have questions on it or would like more help is finding out what day and time is best for you, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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