2020 saw a lot of brands tapping into Facebook’s live streaming services for the first time. If your brand has gotten into it, you might be wondering how to capitalise on this content after your ‘air date’. Instead of leaving the footage to gather dust in your video library. Here are some excellent ways of repurposing it for people that might have missed it!

Can you download your Facebook Live videos?

Yes you can. You can download your previous Facebook live videos, but only on a computer. Facebook doesn’t currently allow users to download their videos to a phone or tablet. 

How To Download a Facebook Live Video

  • Log into Facebook on your computer.
  • Click on your profile picture in the top left corner.
  • Tap on ‘More’ and then click ‘Videos.’
  • Go To ‘Your Videos,’ and select the video you’d like to download.
  • Click the three horizontal dots on the bottom right of the screen and click ‘Download Video.’ The window will then automatically refresh and only have that video on the screen.
  • Click the three vertical dots and click ‘Download.’ It should begin immediately and save to your desktop.

The main reason for repurposing your Facebook live content is saving time and money. If you’ve spent a large amount of time coming up with a concept for a live stream, you want to ensure that that content is seen by as many people as possible. 

Tips on repurposing your Facebook Live Content

Don’t Force It

Repurposing content only works if the information conveyed is valuable to your audience. Before hitting the share button, take a second to think “Is this valuable to my audience”, “Is this information still as relevant as when I went live?”

It’s also important to question whether video is the best way to put forward your information. Could your message be better conveyed in an image or a quick status update?

Get Usage Rights From Talent

This won’t always apply, especially if the only person on camera is yourself, however, do check with whoever is appearing in your live stream that they are okay with being shared again to your social channels. 

Create A Blog Post

One of the most useful ways of repurposing a Facebook live is by creating a blog post detailing all of the key points that were discussed at the time. Populate your blog post with quotes, video & audio snippets that are relevant and you’ll have an excellent blog post in no time!

Get Snippets For Your Social Media Channels

Just because your live stream was on Facebook doesn’t mean the content has to stay there. You can reformat your content to fit on other platforms that your brand maybe using such as Instagram or TikTok. Instead of posting the full video, take snippets of the best moments as people are much more likely to engage with your video this way. 

Use The Audio For A Podcast

What better way to use audio than to make a podcast episode out of it? Podcasts are one of the most popular ways that people consume information these days. Whilst your video may not work well as a full podcast episode, you might be able to use snippets to incorporate into your podcast if you have one. It could be an interview segment or a presentation. 

Upload It To Your YouTube Channel

We’ve talked before about how vlogging is great for business, so uploading your livestream to your YouTube channel is a great way for it to be easily accessible for a long time. Keep in mind that Youtube has strict copyright rules so if your live stream has copyrighted music or clips, you may have to edit those out before uploading it. 


In most cases, it’s best to plan out what content you will repurpose before you start your live video. That way you’ll have a clear direction on what to cover during your live stream so you can maximise the material that will be repurposed.  If you want to chat about your social media strategy, get in touch with one of our experts here.

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