Are your website conversions stagnating?

Find yourself checking your web traffic only to see that bounce rate still high as ever?

Even those who don’t bounce from your site immediately rarely end up actually getting in contact, let alone become a lead.

You know there must be something you can do make your landing page more enticing, but what?

There’s all kinds of advice out there but ultimately, it’s all pretty vague and often even contradicts itself.

Truth is there is only one sure fire design trend which will completely blow up your conversion rate.

This is a tale about how Highrise (subsidiary of Basecamp) went and turned their conversion rate right around!

Highrise were faltering in their conversions, with very few sign ups to their landing page. But after many A/B tests they discovered one particular technique completely outshone all others when it came to converting visitors. And you can bet that Highrise are not the only company reaping in the rewards of this rather simple technique.

So what exactly is this highly coveted super secret sauce of supreme subscriptions? Well, as mentioned earlier it’s a rather simple one. In fact you might even go to say it was obvious. The best way to increase your sign-up increase is through big quality images.


I’m sure you’ve all seen websites these days which sport huge quality pictures. It’s not exactly a secret that they are capable of an immediate visual impact.

But that’s not why “hero images” are so prominent on big branded websites like Microsoft, Apple & Amazon. These brands will have had incredibly thorough and detailed tests on their websites and the results are all heading towards this trend.

Apple are known for masterful imagery on their website, with their already desirable products it’s no wonder that they are doing so well right now.

However, until relatively recently big images like these were seldom seen. This is because these images will slow down the load time of your website. That said, it seems like the pros have finally outweighed the cons and our internet speeds are able to put up with these weighty file sizes.


The beauty of hero images is that they aren’t just beautiful, they are practical too. Giving visitors the ability to examine every detail of your image leads to a much more engaged and confident sign up.

Not only are people more likely to convert they are less likely to regret doing so. Allowing visitors to see exactly what they are signing up to will always improve your results, so it makes sense that powerful images convert.

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