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Provide your business with good quality sales leads.

We can help with on-page WordPress SEO tactics, from Meta Titles to H1 tags.

The quality and relevancy of your WordPress SEO content is one of THE most important factors in where your web pages rank in the search results. We can help you ensure that your content is punchy, relevant and effective.

Our aim is to increase high quality traffic to your WordPress site, by understanding your business and identifying your key market. We will optimise your main web pages, aiming to achieve the optimal keyword density in comparison to your main competitors. This includes writing search engine snippets, adding schema markup and internal linking.


WordPress Keywords are hugely important as they are what Google looks for between what people are searching for and the content you are providing to meet that need.

Meta Descriptions

WordPress meta descriptions can be used by search engines to show in the snippet, it’s the black piece of text shown beneath the URL, and need to act as an advert when compared to yuor competitors.

Title Tags

The WordPress title, the contents of your page’s title tag, is one of the most important factors for ranking in the search results because it should be the most concise description of your page’s content.


The heading structure of your WordPress page is crutial for your website’s on-page SEO. It tells Google which parts of your page are important, and how they’re interconnected. Important: you should only have one H1 on each page.

Image Optimisation

Quite old-school but often overlooked on WordPress SEO is how you add information to your images. By optimising the image mata tags you can get yourself a bit of extra traffic.

XML Sitemaps

It is vitally important to tell Google, and the other search engines, when your site has been updated. Luckily, with WordPress, there is a huge raft of plugins that can make this job really easy.

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If you need advice on how to improve your SEO then please get in touch and we’ll talk you through the basic steps to get you results.

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