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In 2020, most of your business interactions probably take place online, however that doesn’t mean that a printed business card is an ineffective way to market your company. You’ve heard it countless times that you only get one chance to make a first impression, and having a memorable business card could help you make a lasting impression to your clients.

Below we’re going to look at 10 creative business card designs that, as designers ourselves, we just love!

1 – Trick & Treat

A perfect example of a company ethos that lives through its business card is Canadian entertainment company, Trick & Treat. Their playful card completely transforms into a tabletop game, enforcing their brand identity. 


2 – Chomp

A rather literal interpretation of the company name, the London based design agency chomp features a chunk bitten out of the card which mimics the company’s original logo. The colours are bold and memorable and the typography stands out against the background. 


3 – Ovi Prunean (Painter)

This beautiful business card design mimics the colour swatches that painters use every single day. A great way to reinforce what your business is all about. The typography is clear and easy to read and the different colours make a unique impression to every single customer. 


4 – Bike Tech

This incredible business card for a Canadian bike repair store not only advertises the business and its services but it also doubles up as a handy multi-tool for performing quick tasks on your bike. 


5 – Lego

Lego’s company ethos on creativity and individuality is felt in it’s business card (if you can call them cards). Every employee has their own lego figurine with contact details on their back. A fun, playful and memorable way to make a lasting impression.


6 – Lisa Sanders (PR)

This clever puzzle based business card requires the recipient to interact with the business card to discover the hidden message. The puzzle also reflects the ‘spin’ aspect of PR work. The typography and design is also easy to read making the card extremely memorable. 


7 – Secret Garden Tea Company

This elegantly designed business ‘card’ is easy to read, and the logo stands out beautifully against the background. The genius thing about this business card is that it doubles up also as a free sample! Each business card is a usable tea bag which contains their own special tea blend. 


8 – Lush Lawn & Property Enhancement

This minimalistic designed business card enforces the company’s message, all about improving your lawn by doubling up as a seed packet that can be planted on the recipient’s own lawn. The typography and logo are beautifully embossed onto the card creating a modern, luxury design.


9 – BC Adventure

One of the weirder and more unique business cards we’ve seen, BC Adventure are a company that specialises in survival training. Their business card is printed onto some dehydrated beef jerky for an emergency snack if you’re ever stuck in the wilderness. The bold logo and typography reflect some traditional military typography which reinforces the company’s ethos. 


10 – Event Photographer

Our final business card to look at is this elegantly designed photography card. The minimalist, transparent design looks exactly like a camera’s view-finder, encouraging the recipient to interact and look through it, whilst the typography is simple and easy to read. The card looks elegant and sophisticated, perfect for making a lasting impression for whoever you give it to.


There are an infinite number of ways to design your business card, but the more memorable ones all tap into what their business is all about. From cleverly disguising a business card as a free sample, or designing your business card to reflect your values as a business, all the way to getting rid of the traditional ‘business card’ all together and replacing it with a multi-tool, a figurine or even food – get in contact with us today to make your business card stand out from the stack.