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Websites are the gateway to your ideal clients. It’s an expression of who you are and a platform for selling. To stand out from the crowd your design needs to be clear and grab attention.

With a variety of web design choices out there it can be confusing and frustrating. Today we’ll share our top 3 website design tips that’ll stop your target audience dead in their tracks.

1. Minimalism  

Websites should be user-friendly, responsive and easy to navigate with clear messaging that show off your unique selling point.

When designing your website, it’s important to think about your reader’s intentions. The goal is to either show your audience you’re an expert in your field or to convert them to customers. Make your website appeal to your audience whilst keeping it simple.

The first thing visitors do is browse through the home page and are often searching for keywords, phrases, and images.

Instead of trying to increase your word count, focus on what you can do for your audience. Start with the headings, use descriptive keywords that elicit an emotion.


Users need to see exactly what your website offers within seconds. To ensure that they can do this, use a clean font at an easy-to-read size, keeping your message clear.

Usually, font size should be 16pt, depending on the font type you choose.

2. User Experience

User experience or UX is the interaction a user has with your website, how they move around or navigate it.


Keep vital content above the fold. Visitors shouldn’t have to work hard to see what you’re selling. Have clear, concise information about what you do at the top of your landing page. They shouldn’t have to scroll to find out.

Having a fixed on-brand navigation bar at the top of your pages, and in your footer makes it easier for readers to explore areas of interest. Solid navigation also helps search engines index your content for optimal search results.


Your menu must be prominent, easy to find and accessible. Think about the structure. What areas is your user looking for? Arrange them based on their importance.

Logos & branding 

Branding is crucial when designing your website. Include your company logo, colours, fonts and image styles. If you have too much going on, it can be distracting.

Branding should be obvious, so put your logo on all website pages, it’s expected!

Vertical navigation

Use an anchor menu on your pages, especially if your site is long-scrolling like a one-page website. This gives your users the ease to access any page on your site throughout their visit. A ‘Back to Top’ button is another way of improving the UX. For long pages with a lot of content, this offers the user the option to jump back to the top of the page in one click.


Don’t underestimate the power of your footer. The footer should include:

  • Important links on your site
  • Social media links
  • Contact details
  • Navigation menu – FAQs, T&Cs, Contact


Pictures and videos are more likely to draw attention than most of the text. Ensure your visual content is in alignment with your branding and not too generic. The images and videos should relate to the message of your written content.

 3. Visual Hierarchy 

How you prioritise content enables you to share the most significant information with your visitor first. Let your readers follow the breadcrumbs you have left for them. Use colour, contrast and space to showcase content.

Size and weight

Start by highlighting your top assets. This could be your business name and logo, or promote your USP using big bold text. Readers tend to gravitate towards large and bold titles first, so make them stand out.

Call to Action

A simple and direct call to action is the best way to increase your conversion rates. For example, buy now, contact us or learn more. Showcase your buttons with bold colours that catch the eye.

Building a website can be overwhelming. Begin by breaking it down into these three stages to optimise your website design for success.

We design beautiful bespoke websites for businesses who want to take the spotlight. We focus on building sites that not only look good but will have your ideal customer banging down your door!

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