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Want to update or refresh your branding?

You’re in the right place because we’re breaking down 10 graphic designs trends for 2021. The pandemic has had a huge impact on design trends and we’ve seen designers use old and new techniques. So, if you want to grab your audience’s attention this year, keep reading.

1. Typography

Typography is set to be a big trend in 2021. It’s the practice of arranging text in a way that’s legible, aesthetically pleasing and incites a certain mood or strengthens a message. It’s Most often found on billboards, logos, advertising posters it also plays an important role in web design. Using various sized text immediately draws the reader in and allows the copy to stand out.

A designer who uses typography to create beautiful results is Danielo Silveira, who created “This Is My Flow” for Puma

2. 3D Depth and Realism

3D design combined with realism is becoming increasingly desirable. It produces the perfect blend of depth and reality when used with various mediums, for example, photographs and two-dimensional objects.

3. Going Monochrome

Monochrome design is minimalistic, modern and produces a cool feel. People love monochrome as it’s simpler to comprehend and takes less brainpower. It allows the brain to take in the more complex visual elements without having to focus too hard on the colours.

4. Image and Text Masking

This is one of the most straightforward yet sought after trends for graphic designers worldwide. It produces a simplistic feel as it hides an area of the image or text. It’s easy to work with and a real crowd pleaser!

5. Abstract Designs

Abstract design was developed from early modern and prehistoric art. Consisting largely of geometric shapes, wavy lines and dynamic curves randomly placed and categorised by grids. This type of design creates engaging graphics.

6. Inspired by nature

Graphic design trends inspired by nature are currently all the rage. Natural elements like flowers, leaves and water mixed with calming textures and tones are being embraced this year.

A prime example of this was the launch of the Gucci Bloom fragrance. They combined technology and serenity allowing their audience was to explore a virtual garden. It was particularly inspirational given that we couldn’t visit gardens during lockdown and the experience allowed people to bring the outdoors in.

As we spent the majority of 2020 inside, you can expect to see a lot of the outside world creeping into 2021 designs. Before the pandemic this trend would have been expected by eco-friendly brands, now nature has inspired all businesses.

7. Socially Conscious Design

Design and the way we live our lives are connected and socially conscious design is an integral part of the future.

There have been various issues addressed recently through this design technique. It provides designs with authentic representation and highlights diversity as well as imperfections. From social unrest, anti-racism movements and the Covid-19 pandemic, every brand and business needs to take notice and evaluate what their stance is.

8. Symbols

Designers are using symbols to interpret and signify resilience and growth in 2021 messages. They have the power to evoke instant and strong emotions, crossing cultural boundaries.

9. Colour trends

Over the last year, colour trends have changed. People are now leaning towards colours that are known to reduce anxiety.

Before the pandemic, neutral browns and greys were the go-to colours, now for best results, orange and teal are the go-to palettes. These colours create feelings of comfort and are more energetic in comparison to neutrals. These are also popular through interior designs for homes and the workplace. It’s all about calm tones.

10. Optimism and playfulness

Everyone is looking for fresh designs to pull them out to the other side of the pandemic. As we’re welcomed into the new normal, we’re expecting to see more playful designs to lift spirits and enforce positivity.

2021 is going to be packed full of bold and beautiful graphic design trends. When deciding on a trend for your business it’s important to think about your brand message. Pick a trend that resonates with your business, be authentic to your brand and create designs that will stand out and be memorable.