Now more than ever it is vital to have a fully functional and updated website that clearly displays your brand. In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, people are spending an increasing amount of time online and this has led to a major rise in online shopping. Interestingly, consumers are still favouring digital platforms over storefronts even after lockdown has finished. Research suggests that 42% of people will conduct their shopping online despite shops reopening, making E-commerce and digital channels more important than ever.

– website designed for Clifton Hill Associates

Covid-19 has presented a unique opportunity for digital businesses, making it the perfect time to reassess your company’s digital strategy and re-evaluate your website’s effectiveness. Whilst shopping in stores has become increasingly restricted, the freedom of online shopping has become even more appealing. Websites have become a much more convenient way to shop and equally the best place to display your brand. Your website can act as a 24/7 shop window, enticing consumers in at any time and from anywhere. With more people online and more businesses operating remotely, it has never been more important that your website stands out and gives consumers somewhere to direct their gaze. Your website is the first place that consumers encounter your business and making the right first impression can greatly increase customer loyalty.

Moreover, Covid-19 has caused a shift in favour of local businesses presenting a great opportunity for smaller businesses to take advantage of. The demand is out there and bigger than ever before, your business just needs a great website to capitalise on it.

– website designed for sussex/surrey based ‘1st 4 Rubbish’

First impressions are everything, and that is why you should prioritise website design, the first point of connection between your brand and the consumer. Your website should clearly display your brand in a unique way, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer and why you stand out from competitors. With this in mind, it is crucial that your website is coherent with your brand image. For example, the tone of voice, colours, and fonts used must all be aligned with the values your brand represents. It is also vital to get your message across in a clear way so it resonates with the type of customers your brand is looking for.

The customer is king, and that is why it is royally important to prioritise user optimisation. Website loading speeds must be fast as over half of online users expect pages to load in under two seconds, even a one second delay can cause a 7% drop in conversion. Furthermore, easy navigation can help direct your clients and drive consumer sales. The easier a website is to navigate, the more likely consumers will use it again in the future.

Mobile optimisation is also key as consumers have moved away from tablets and laptops in favour of the smaller, more portable screen. Research suggests that in 2020, mobile devices accounted for 51.53% of all global website traffic. Therefore, it is vital that your website adapts to the new climate and looks good on a smaller screen so it can reach a larger audience.

– websites designed for WACO & Kenfin

Another great way to increase customer loyalty is to take the physical shop model and adapt it for an online interface. Invite customers to pose their questions as they would in-store, but facilitate this with emails, chat bots, and messenger functions.

Whilst great design is important to get consumers onto your website, engaging content will keep them on there for longer and generate SEO. Now is a great time to update and invest in your website’s content as this will give consumers the best representation of your brand. Content should be easily digestible, push towards e-commerce, and rank highly for key words. The best way to do this is a personalised content plan that understands and represents the brand identity, leading to high conversion rates.

It is important that this brand identity is represented across multiple platforms as all paths can lead to your website and draw consumer attention to it. Manage the reviews and click through from social media in order to funnel more traffic from all different angles.

Here at TC Marketing, we specialise in building websites that simultaneously look good, and get to your USP as quickly as possible. With the current climate, there has never been a more important time to invest a little extra into your website. You wouldn’t want your store window badly representing your brand, so your website shouldn’t either. We can help your digital storefront to entice your target customers using our digital tools to represent your brand to the fullest.

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