Adobe Release New Mobile App, Comp CC

On March 30th Adobe released the latest product in their suite of software, Adobe Comp CC. By creating a connection between your mobile and desktop applications with Creative Cloud, Adobe have been able to fill a need which has long been in the undertaking but never quite fulfilled. Capturing those moments of inspiration and ingenuity while away from your desk.

While for some time now we have had access to a multitude of productivity apps, none have been quite like this.  Comp is designed to allow designers to capture their thoughts and concepts into the Adobe’s system wherever you are. Not just as a note, but as a professional standard wireframe or layout – which can then be imported by the appropriate Adobe tool e.g. Illustrator.

A website layout designed in Adobe Comp CC

How does it work?

The beauty of this system is in how easily and naturally the app works. Adobe have recognised that a full suite of features is simply not going to work on a tablet or mobile device.

So creating print, mobile and web design layouts while on the move requires a completely new approach. Adobe have tackled this with appropriate techniques for the device, namely you’ll be using gestures to create and edit your elements. Here are a few examples:

  • To create a circle you’ll only need to attempt drawing one by hand and Comp will automatically correct it into a perfect circle for you.
  • To create a headline you only need to draw a rectangle and tap a dot beside it. Text is even simpler! Just draw lines followed by a dot to find your lorem ipsum perfectly in place.
  • Images can be added by drawing an X shape where you would like the image.

As you can see, while the platform is limited in what you can create, you can build it fast even using the unrefined touch-screen input. Another really handy feature of Comp is being able to connect to various locations for your image or typography files.

Here are a few examples of Adobe Comp in action:

Some Example Images of Adobe Comp

While I imagine these examples have been spruced up by desktop editors in combination with Comp, I still think that the concept is really strong and something I would seriously consider investing in. It’s worth noting that Adobe Comp CC is only available on iPad, so android tablet users unfortunately lose out here.

While in the past few months it’s looked like Adobe might be shaken by some competition mainly with Affinity this is a sure sign that Adobe aren’t going to sit and wait for everyone else to catch up and will continue to innovate.

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