Bigger Is Better

Websites are getting bigger and better every year. For designers, a larger more expansive canvas allows for some innovative designs that push the boundaries of how a website can draw people in and introduce them to something exciting.

A lot of websites today are going all out, mainly with their front pages. They most often consist of a large image or video with only a title or a few words over the top that covers the whole page above the fold.  That along with a hidden or sometimes non-existing main menu makes a simple yet eyecatching design. The reason for this trend is mostly visual. With this design you are able to hit you’re users with a wow factor as soon as they enter the site. Its also easy to code and works well on other media platforms like smartphones and tablets.

It does not have to be just the home page, large open designs are becoming increasingly popular. Spaced out text with large background images. when it comes down to it you dont necessarily want people to be drawn to the text. By keeping small amounts of text spaced out the site is not overwhelming the user with information and keeps their experence on the site relaxing and memorable.

When appropriate, we really like this technique and below are some examples of using the style to the best of it’s abilities. We have also used this technique in some of our websites.

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