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Our Predicted Web Design Trends for 2015

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What’s in Store for Web Design this year?

2014 has seen some pretty major changes to web design and with the announcement of Spartan and the continuous reach of site-builders web designers are going to have to seek out new skills to break the mold.

We’ve tried to cut our list down to exclude predictions which are already clearly expected and to make sure that these are actually noteworthy, interesting additions to the web.
Here are our 5 Web Design Trends for 2015:

1. Diverse Typography

With the rise of CMS websites one of the most in demand aspects of a website is to look as theme-free as possible. This means giving your websites unique fonts which will stand out and personify your business and solidify your brand message. While Google Fonts will definitely still have precedent over everything else, typography design could turn out to be very lucrative in 2015.


2. Material Design

Google unveiled Material Design and Android Lollipop in 2014, while there are only a handful of phones with Lollipop right now… We think that with the big third-party Android phones getting to grips with Lollipop this year you can totally expect a big splash of Material Design on the web scene too. What does this mean for Designers? Start checking out Micro-Animations now, clever gestures on hover really makes a big impact on the UX of a website.


3. Pooled Analytics

The issue with Google Analytics, and other analytic software for that matter is that for start-ups which have small visitor counts – results are inconclusive. That’s why in 2015 we suspect groups of like-minded, forward-thinking businesses will accumulate their data together to get some clear results for themselves. This gives start-ups and small businesses increased opportunity for rapid growth. A truly exciting prospect in this age of viral marketing.


4. Brand Direction

Holistic brand approach on content and marketing – to imprint your companies USP and brand values into someone’s mind it’s best if you embody those values throughout your website. For example if your website is about security, rather than just having a photo of a lock you can take it one step further – Giving your members an outstandingly secure, private account setup and login.


5. Responsive Video

Namely, Mobile Video. The web has seen a huge growth of video in 2014 with the increase of quality content being produced by businesses and advertising. One of the other largest trends of 2014 has been Mobile devices and responsive design, so it makes sense that people will be making the effort to deliver video to mobile. Why miss out on such a large portion of your audience with some of your highest quality content?


Hopefully you’ll enjoy our poke at predicting web design trends for 2015.