Lockdown has been a funny time for everyone, there’s no denying that, but as you may imagine, anyone working in digital and online services have been swept off their feet, particularly businesses like us who specialise in helping people set up their online presence, who may not have had one before. High street retailers, independent shops, market sellers and businesses that previously conducted business face-to-face have all had to very quickly pivot the way in which they meet and interact with customers.

When it comes to building websites we always use whichever tool is best for the job and are more than happy using any of the 80+ website development platforms that are out there, but we have always concluded that WordPress is the best-all rounder. So far in 2020 TC Marketing have design dozens and dozens of logos, websites and brands to help businesses up their online game, so we thought we show you just a few of our favourite sites that were built using WordPress.

Try clicking on each image to visit the website and discover why it made the list!

1 – Heathcote Holdings

A group of complimentary, innovative and customer centric companies.

2 – Complete Me

Breaking the mould of countless capsules, Complete Me’s range of vitamins and supplements are blended to achieve a particular goal, such as more natural energy, better sleep or healthier guts.

3 – Orbiton Group

Orbiton Group is a niche talent, consultancy agency that operates exclusively into the Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence space across the UK, Europe and USA.

4 – True North Consulting

One of the UK’s leading technology consultancies who specialise in Blockchain, Data Science and AR/VR.

5 – Vectorise

Vectorise help businesses grow through practical and creative training, coaching and marketing services.

6 – Clifton Hill Associates

Clifton Hill Associates are mining & energy experts who are committed to providing their clients with advice and solutions that mirror their own belief in the value of diversity.

We hope you liked our choice of websites – if you clicked and visited then let us know which one was your favourite! If you’re interested in either building or re-platforming a website for your own business then don’t hesitate to get in contact – we are affordable, reliable and professional and, as you can see, our websites are awesome!

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