One Page Websites – Web Trend 2015

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Websites are becoming more simple as we go into late 2015. They are becoming less but more. Once, you needed a page for everything but now it seems you only need 1.

A lot of sites today put all their content on the landing page and have it scroll to reveal it all. Its also common with this approach to make the site more interactive and feature more animations and movement as there is not much else for you to click on. This technique can be very effective and can work great for curtain companies and fields.

When appropriate, we really like this style and below are some examples of websites using the style to the best of it’s abilities.

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Search Engine News – September Summary

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If you didn’t have time to keep on top of the SEO headlines affecting your online Brighton business last month, you could be missing out on fresh opportunities

to keep ahead of the curve, stay on Google’s good side and improve your search engine rankings. Make yourself a nice cup of coffee and make sure the SEO strategy for your Brighton Business takes in to account these recent changes:

  1. Instagram overtakes Twitter

Mid-month Instagram knocked Twitter off its second best in social perch with the news that it had surpassed 400 million users, soaring past Twitter for the first time ever. Why is this important for your search strategy? Social media is essential for any Brighton SEO success and is widely considered to be a ranking factor for the search engines. If you’re time poor, and who isn’t?- you need to focus your efforts on the networks where you’ll get the best returns.

If you’ve previously dismissed Instagram as a social media marketing tool for your business, the news that is now has more active users than Twitter means it’s worth rethinking your approach. If you aren’t using Instagram, now could be a great time to have a look at it.

  1. Google confirms Panda still rolling out

If you breathed a sigh of relief two months ago when Panda 4.2 made its debut and your site navigated the tricky waters unscathed, you may want to shore up your defences.

Google has confirmed that Panda 4.2 is still rolling out – almost three months after it was introduced. The search engine says this will be the case for some time to come so you can’t relax just yet.

There is still the potential for your site to be sent off course by Panda 4.2. What does this mean for your SEO? Be vigilant about link audits, content audits and best practice. Just because you haven’t noticed a difference yet, doesn’t mean you won’t.

  1. Pinterest reveals user figures and lowest ad opt out rates in the industry

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann told Ad Week in New York that it now has 100 million active users (admittedly mainly in the USA) and the lowest ad opt out rate in the industry. What does this mean? Ads are still fairly new on Pinterest so you may not yet have bought into the promoted pins or buyable pins functions that were introduced in the summer.

However, with the ability to buy direct from a pin, it is worth exploring if you have an e-commerce business. Silbermann said the low ad opt-out rates mean the site offers an excellent return on investment for advertisers.

  1. Google adds customer match

Google has introduced a customer match feature for AdWords advertisers. For brands that upload their customer details, there is now the potential to display hyper targeted advertising and match advert targeting to user profiles through demographic and behaviour comparison.

  1. Google takes hard line against repeated offenders

Google published a post on its Webmaster Central blog warning that websites which are repeatedly found to be in violation of the search engine’s good practices guidelines could be banned for life.

It says some sites try to fool the search engines by removing bad links when hit with a manual action, only to reinstate them when the penalty has been removed. Google says it is now wise to this practice and sites that persist with this strategy will face permanent exclusion from the Search Engine Results Pages. The takeaway from this? You can’t fool Google so do your Brighton business SEO properly!

  1. Dynamic Callout Extensions Added to AdWords

Towards the end of September Google unveiled dynamic callouts for AdWords. This new technology is used to automate some ad text – it will pull certain information about your business and your product from your website and automatically insert it into your AdWords ads.

What does this mean for your AdWords campaign? Dynamic callouts can make your PPC ads much more compelling. You can opt out if you want to retain full control over ad text though.

  1. The millennials are coming

If your business targets the Millennials then your social strategy in particular needs to be on point. comScore data found US Millennials spend an average of 30 hours a month browsing social media sites from a mobile device. 26 of the 30 hours were spent on Facebook.

What does this mean for your digital strategy? If consumers between the ages of 18-35 are important to your business, their online and mobile behaviour should be dictating your online marketing strategy. You need to be where they are.

  1. Structured markup could be a ranking factor after all

Google’s John Mueller threw the Internet into chaos again recently when he said that sites not using structured data markup could see their search engine rankings slide. This is in direct contradiction to what Google has said previously. The lesson? If you aren’t using structured data already, it’s time to plan it.

  1. TrueView rolled out to AdWords advertisers

Right back at the beginning of the month, Google announced that “TrueView” would display alongside Search, Shopping and Display campaigns in the AdWords interface.

The change meant three new reporting columns and the capability to manage TrueVideo video campaigns from the AdWords dashboard.

  1. Mobile pushes changes in Google Display Network

The expanding importance of mobile has led to new improvements in Google’s display network. The changes include more transparency in the AdWords audience insights and a fresh approach to dynamic remarketing.

What does this mean for your search program? Check you are making the most of the new features ahead of the busy Christmas season. If you haven’t logged into your AdWords interface for a while, make the time to do so today.

If you outsource the management to a PPC agency, schedule a call and check that all of the new features rolled out this month or being used to maximum effect in your campaign.

If you need any help with any aspect of your internet marketing or online strategy planning please leave a comment below or call us on 01273 328877

Storytelling – Web Trend 2015

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A website is a great tool for reaching a wider audience and drawing people in for a product, a place, or a person. There are many ways to keep people interested once they land on your website, but if we have learned anything from books it’s that a good story can keep us hooked for hours.

In 2015 great stories have crept in to the world of websites and now it’s a great way to keep people on your page whether it’s a visual story, a written one, or a combination of the two. Most designers utilize the scroll feature to tell the story; leading you through the site. The story is rarely pointless as usually it gets to the point in the end and tries to sell you something or advertise someone’s abilities or work but what else are websites for?

When appropriate, we really like this style and below are some examples of websites using the style to the best of it’s abilities.

Three Dimensional Space – Web Trend 2015

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Flat website designs are not a thing of the past yet, but we are seeing the 3D designs take over…

A 3D design adds so much depth to a site. It makes it more of an adventure, rather than the basic scroll up/scroll down. The more fun and interesting the design is, the more you are going to remember it and that’s why the 3D designs are starting to dominate.

It’s not very often that a business focused company like a bank or an insurance company would use this style, it’s more for websites trying to send a message or make their site more interactive. There is nothing worse than a static webpage that doesn’t stand out and does nothing to engage the viewer.

When appropriate, we really like this style and below are some examples of websites using the style to the best of it’s abilities.

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5 Reasons Why Your Search Engine Rankings Might Have Dropped

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Have your website rankings dropped recently in Google? Don’t panic! Before you do anything, you should find try to establish the cause of the problem. The better you understand the reason why your search engine rankings have gone down, the more likely you can prevent future ranking drops.

There are usually five major reasons why your web pages are ranked lower than before:

Reason 1: your website changes / a new website is launched

Most website owners / webmasters will try and update their web pages regularly. As long as the changes are only small and the content being added is relevant to your business and of value to your readers this will not have any negative effect on your rankings. However, if you re-design your web pages or if you optimise a page for a different topic than it is currently optimised for then search engines might reassess your search engine rankings.

Many webmasters, ourselves included, believe that Google has a filter for new website where the change is not managed correctly (the so-called ‘sandbox’). If you change your web pages and don’t do the right things, Google are likely to temporarily down-rank your website to make sure that you are not spamming them.

Solution: You need to encourage them to index your new webpages quickly by submitting a new xml sitemap via a Google Webmaster Tools account.

If you have web pages that have high rankings in Google for important keywords, only change these pages with great care. Make sure that most pages of your website are relevant to the topic of your site. Relevancy to the topic is as important as relevance to a particular keyword. If a new site is being launched create redirects from these highly ranked pages to the new pages that replace them.

Reason 2: the links to your website are problematic

If you have an old website with an established link structure then it’s not likely that your site rankings will drop because of a link change.

If the links to your site are mainly paid links or include a significant proportion of automatically created links from past SEO initiatives then it is likely that your website has been penalised by Google. Sudden changes in the link structure of a website make a website look suspiciously spammy to the search engines.

Solution: If you still use shady automated link building tools or services, stop it now.

New links should be relevant, good quality and built steadily over a period. Link building is a process, not an event. If you don’t work on the links that point to your website then your website will be replaced by websites with a better link structure.

Reason 3: the websites of your competitors change

Everybody wants to be on page one of Google’s results – there are only 10 places! For that reason, it’s only natural that other websites will be listed better than yours if you don’t always view your website as continual work in progress.

Many websites target the same topics and keywords as you do. If these other websites have better content and better links than your site then it’s understandable as to why these sites get better rankings.

Solution: You must offer better content than your competitors. Make sure that you offer many web pages that are relevant to what you do – your products, your services, your expertise and experience. You should also have link building programme in place so that your link profile is stronger than that of your competitors.

Reason 4: your web pages contain spam

Search engines don’t like spam. If search engines find out that you use cloaking, hidden text, doorway pages or any other spam technique on your web pages then it is extremely likely that your website will be penalised.

Solution: Don’t try to cheat Google. It’s simply not worth it if you want to develop a sustainable business online. Remove all spam elements from your web pages. Just because your website hasn’t been penalised yet doesn’t mean that search engines won’t find the spam elements in the near future.

Reason 5: technical problems

Your web server can be the reason for a ranking drop. If your website is down when the search engine spider tries to access your website then search engines cannot give your web pages high rankings because they cannot see your pages.

Some websites display the correct web page in the web browser but the server returns an error code. In that case, search engines won’t index the web pages.

Solution: Make sure that your website is hosted on a reliable server that has no downtime. An SEO web audit will inform you if there are any technical issues on your web pages that can cause ranking problems.

There will be times when there is no obvious reason for a website to drop in the rankings. Again, don’t panic such events are usually short lives and if you stick to a regime of good quality relevant content and good quality relevant links your website will always do OK.

For more information about our SEO Audit services, content marketing and link building services please leave a comment below or call us on 01273 328877

Media Masonry – Web Trend 2015

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If its not one large image or video its lots of smaller ones stuck together. However, that doesn’t mean it looks bad.

Media grids and masonry are popular on portfolio and gallery sites and it works well. It’s a great way to show a lot of images or videos from one window of space. Each image/video complete with its own hover animation and link. The way the images/videos are laid out can be different depending on the style of the business. It doesn’t have to be just 2D rectangular media, they can be paralaxed, opaque, roll-overs, animated, or 3D.

When appropriate, we really like this technique and below are some examples of using the style to the best of it’s abilities. We have also used this technique in some of our websites.

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Even Google Need an SEO Specialist – How about Your Brighton Business?

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Search Engine Optimisation is so important that even Google is looking for an SEO Program Manager to help it to improve the organic rankings of their own web pages! If you think that your website does not need search engine optimisation, it might be time for you to think again.

What exactly is Google looking for?

Google has posted a job offer for a full-time ‘Program Manager for Technical SEO‘:

“As a Program Manager for Technical SEO, you will work with cross-functional teams across Marketing, Sales, Product Development, Engineering and more to help drive organic traffic and business growth.

You will take part in website development and optimization, help shape blog and social strategy, improve website code hygiene and define web architecture for international websites.”

Google: search engine optimisation is important

Google’s job offer has several implications:

1. Even though Google is the most visited website in the world, they still acknowledge the importance of search engine optimisation. Even Google needs to comply and compete.

2. Google are saying that they are following responsible search practices and that they want to compete fairly in their own search results.

3. Google has an enormous marketing budget, far more than any Brighton business I would suggest, nevertheless, they find SEO very valuable for their marketing purposes.

The message is Stop Spamming, start doing SEO

Note that the ad is talking about search engine optimisation, not about spamming. So forget about what used to pass as SEO – automated link building tools, article spinners or other shady SEO methods.

If you want to be successful, you have to start doing real SEO. This involves a minimum 4 step process:

1. Create good web page content

2. Optimise that content

3. Make sure that search engines can index your web pages

4. Improve the links that point to your site, etc.

We can help you with any / all of the above. To find out more about our Organic SEO services please leave a comment below or call us on 01273 328877

Innovative Navigation – Web Trend 2015

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Websites are changing the way you navigate them, making it easier and much more interesting to scroll your way through the site.

All scrolling used to be was vertical but now there are better ways to work your way up and down, left and right, or in and out. Not only are there new ways to navigate, but it can be much more visually pleasing with animations and pop-ups that are activated by scrolling.

Parallax effects are becoming increasingly popular with designers. It makes the content jump of the page and makes the page look deeper and more three-dimensional.

When appropriate, we really like this technique and below are some examples of using the style to the best of it’s abilities. We have also used this technique in some of our websites.

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SEO For Brighton Business – It’s All or Nothing

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One of the main problems with online marketing is that it is often an “all or nothing” game. The best Brighton business websites will get the deal and all other competing websites will get nothing, no matter how good they are.

For example, suppose someone wants to buy a new mobile phone. The person searches Google, takes a look at the top 10 results and then decides to buy something on one of the sites. That means that one site gets the sale and the other sites get nothing.

If you make the change from being one of the discarded sites to the site that is chosen by the searcher then obviously your sales will increase dramatically. You’ll make the change from getting nothing to getting everything. How can you do that? Here are a few pointers:

  1. Choose slightly better keywords

Being better than your competitors starts with choosing the right keywords. If you target keywords that are not being used by the people who want to buy then you might get a lot of visitors but no sales.

Your web pages should be optimised for the keywords that attract people who are looking for the products and services that you sell on your website and who are ready to buy.

Thorough keyword research is the key and we can help.

  1. Get slightly better rankings

While it is important to target the right keywords, your website must also be found on the first few entries on page one of the search results page if you are to attract customers.

Most people only take a look at the top 5 or 6 results on the first page of the search results. If your website cannot be found in these first few results for your keywords then potential customers are far less likely to find your website.

We can help you put in pace an organic SEO strategy to achieve a high page one ranking.

  1. Be slightly more convincing

It’s not enough just to be listed on the first search engine result page either. Your Brighton business website must also be fit for purpose. It should offer exactly what the customer is looking for, it should have a professional design and it should make it as easy as possible for the customer to buy from you.

That is why it is so important to improve the conversion rate of your web pages. With a higher conversion rate, you can generate more money with the same number of website visitors.

A trustworthy and professionally designed website for your Brighton business with a good conversion rate also has positive side-effects. Your customers will probably buy time and time again from your company and people are more likely to link to your website which is still great for SEO.

Be slightly better and you get everything

It takes some time to optimise your web pages correctly, but it is worth the effort. Even small changes can have a huge impact on the number of sales that you achieve. Make the change from being one of the discarded sites to the site that gets the sale and your sales will go through the roof.

Remember that your competitors are also working on their websites. Even if you are better than your competitors you have to continue with the optimisation to stay ahead in the game.

For more information about out Professional web design and SEO services for Brighton businesses please leave a comment below or call us on 01273 328877

Bigger Is Better – Web Trend 2015

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Bigger Is Better

Websites are getting bigger and better every year. For designers, a larger more expansive canvas allows for some innovative designs that push the boundaries of how a website can draw people in and introduce them to something exciting.

A lot of websites today are going all out, mainly with their front pages. They most often consist of a large image or video with only a title or a few words over the top that covers the whole page above the fold.  That along with a hidden or sometimes non-existing main menu makes a simple yet eyecatching design. The reason for this trend is mostly visual. With this design you are able to hit you’re users with a wow factor as soon as they enter the site. Its also easy to code and works well on other media platforms like smartphones and tablets.

It does not have to be just the home page, large open designs are becoming increasingly popular. Spaced out text with large background images. when it comes down to it you dont necessarily want people to be drawn to the text. By keeping small amounts of text spaced out the site is not overwhelming the user with information and keeps their experence on the site relaxing and memorable.

When appropriate, we really like this technique and below are some examples of using the style to the best of it’s abilities. We have also used this technique in some of our websites.